About the Host and Producer

Pip is a former police officer who specialised in domestic violence and alcohol related crime. She is able to articulate the influencing and contributing factors in the arena of Domestic Abuse and Family Violence and discuss the processes, policy and legislative procedures in the capacity of Criminal, Civil and Family Law jurisdictions.

With a deep understanding of the attitudes and relationship dynamics of both genders, her experience with brief preparation and research is helping her  approaching the solution from all 360 degrees of wellbeing. She wants to  bring together a conversation that will affect critical mass changes in community attitudes towards women with a goal to develop education that promotes confident communication and respectful relationships.

Pip continues to research the ecosystem of domestic violence and  in this series speaks with key stakeholders in candid and fact driven interviews that are both thought provoking and specific to the matrix and complexity of this National Crisis.

If you or know of someone who is able to present on these topics, please recommend them for the podcast.