All About AVO’s

All About AVO’s

If you have landed on this page, you are probably

  • Thinking about taking out an AVO to make you feel safe
  • Have had an AVO taken out on your behalf by the Police
  • Have had an AVO taken out against you.

In any case, you are looking for more information to understand what this piece of paper means.

So, let me first say, you are in the right spot.

What this website and the All About AVO’s podcast shares are the insights and experiences of Domestic Abuse and Family Violence. Our host Pip, shares her intimiate knowledge of the process within the legal system and the impact of an Apprehended Violence Order.

It has been created to help you navigate the system, bringing a sense of relief that allows you to make informed choices and provide alternative pathways to finding the peace and happiness you are looking for.

This podcast will help you Recognise the Signs, Respond to the Situation and Refer to services. Below are the most common types of abuse that are red flags for violence. Click on the image to find out more details

In this series investigative journalist Pip Rae interviews victims, perpetrators, former police prosecutors, criminal and family lawyers, DV advocates, charities, DV foundations, family violence professionals, front line counselling services and child protection specialist.

  • This Podcast is a series that explains how the system works and fails to protect people who hold genuine fears. 
  • How the process helps, harms and hinders the breakdown of a relationship and 
  • How these pieces of paper are used and abused to control each party during escalating conflict.  

From this website and the podcast you learn who can help you navigate away from violence to personal safety, protect for children and how you or the system can hold those who choose abuse and violence responsible and accountable for their behaviour.

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Violence is a Choice


“The AVO process can be quite daunting for the person in need of protection, the disempowered child and the misidentified offender and the perpetrator.

Whilst its intention is to modify the behaviour of one and provide safety for the other, it often fuels conflict, anger and resentment and costs both parties, emotional and financial. Hours and days are spent untangling the web of a relationship and due to the ‘system’ tens of thousands of dollars are spend to support victim and defend perpetrators.

It is a national crisis that is costing lives and impacting future generations. Family Violence is significantly contributing to the erosion of the fibres of our family units and the fabric of our community.

Pip Rae

In these episodes you’ll see it’s just not all about AVO’s, hear the stories and how better we can design a system that supports those experience Family and Domestic Violence and avoid costly legal battles, custody disputes and the evaporation of family assets due to conflict.

About the author

Pip Rae is Podcast Host and Producer. After spending nearly two decades investigating crime as a Police Officer, she now writes and provides social justice commentary from her own and others’ experiences from the front line, in particular, Gender Inequality, Mens Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Women in Sport, Women and Money.

Pip is an advocate for change and possesses an intimate knowledge of feminist issues, concerns and systems designed by the people who benefit from them. She has continued her research in the areas of Women’s Empowerment, Mental Health, Post Traumatic Growth and Reframing Social Justice.

Suggested Questions

  • What is the root cause, contributing and influencing factors of domestic violence?
  • Does AVO’s stop someone from stalking and harassing you? What’s the best way to protect yourself?
  • How can you identify the difference between relationship conflict, abuse and domestic violence?
  • Do AVO’s work, is there more we can do or other options to deal with this national crisis?
  • What needs to happen as a society to see attitudes and behaviours around domestic violence change?
  • How do women become and stay empowered, sustain intimate relationships and independence?

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